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EMI Equipos y Sistemas C.A. (hereafter "EMI Equipos y Sistemas"), offers through your Website www.emi-ve.com (hereinafter "the Website") products and services information users of the Website, basically related to its commercial activities and its subsidiaries, as well as information that EMI Equipos y Sistemas considered can be of interest to users of the Website. The use of the Website is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions for use provided. The access to the Website, the user declares to accept, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions contained and set out in the same, if not, the user will have to leave immediately from the Website. It is exclusive obligation of the user to periodically review the terms of use of the Website in order to be informed of any modification to them. Access again to the Website will be considered as a tacit acceptance of the new conditions or modifications. User acknowledges that access to the Website does so of their own free will and, as well as be responsible for the legal effects of the single entry, recognized as authentic any means of proof or technological process that use EMI Equipos y Sistemas to check the input or output to Website user


The user may not copy, modify, distribute, or transmit, any information found in the Website without the express consent of EMI Equipos y Sistemas. Any request for information should be directed to mercadeo@emi-ve.com.

Neither EMI computers and systems, nor its directors, employees, franchisees, contractors, partners and advisers guarantee uninterrupted or error free service, nor guarantee the accuracy or reliability or content of the information presented on the Website. EMI Equipos y Sistemas will make its best efforts so that the service supplied is of optimal quality, not being responsible for nor EMI Equipos y Sistemas nor its directors, employees, franchisees, contractors, partners and consultants for any damages caused by delay or interruption in the operation of the Website, or inaccuracy or error information contained in the Website.


The user accepts and acknowledges that the Website you can work better with a few browsers that declares not to be entitled to any claim with each other and, in this regard, and frees EMI Equipos y Sistemas from any responsibility that could be against the user or group of users for the better or worse performance of the browser of them when operating the Website.

3)      Hyperlinks ("LINKS").

The Website contains or may contain links or "links" to other websites operated by natural or legal persons other than EMI Equipos y Sistemas. Such links have been or will be installed solely for the convenience of the users of the Website. EMI Equipos y Sistemas has not investigated or is informed of the contents, origin or operation of pages that refer links, or those linked to them, and for this reason it is exempt from liability for the content and procedures used in these pages, and the use that the user or third parties can make them, even if they have accessed them through the Website , it will be for the account and risk of the user.

Is strictly prohibited within the Website, publication, transmission or download or link ("link") of any material which is vulgar, obscene, illegal, or offensive content in any form of EMI Equipos y Sistemas. Also prohibited the use of the internal links to the Website for purposes other than those set forth in detriment of EMI Equipos y Sistemas or third party users, under penalty of being subjected to applicable legal actions of agreement against the cybercrime law and other laws that might be applicable.

It is forbidden to create and establish a "Link" from a web page to the Website without the express permission of EMI Equipos y Sistemas, being understood that EMI Equipos y Sistemas will not be in any way responsible for any damages that may occur to users who, in good faith, have access to the Website from these pages, have been authorized or not, so the user frees EMI Equipos y Sistemas of any liability in this respect since it says that it has agreed to these pages at your own risk.


User of the Website agrees that the case of the services offered by EMI Equipos y Sistemas or were to offer to the public through the Website, such as B.B.S, chat, email, newsgroups, auctions, surveys, forums, forms or any other means or messages (collectively the "Means of expression") will only use of the themselves in order to send and receive messages and material that are proper and related to the same and undertakes to comply with the following obligations, which have been mentioned including but not comprehensive:

a)       The user not to defame, abuse, harass or threaten or violate civil or human and other rights of users.

b)       User not published, placed or charge in the Website, nor distribute or disseminate material one which, according to EMI Equipos y Sistemas, be considered indecent, pornographic, immoral, and insulting both from the point of view of ethnic, religious or gender.

c)       The user will not charge in the Website programs in computing (software) or any other material protected by intellectual property laws unless it has been authorised by the owner of such rights.

d)       User will not charge in the Website files containing viruses, corrupted files or any other computer programs, game codes that may affect the programming and operation of the Website or from the server where it is hosted or computers or systems from where you have access any users of the Website.

e)        User can not carry out surveys, contest, pyramid games, chain letter or similar procedures using direct or indirect the Website.

f)        The user may not download or distribute material that have been placed on any of the means of expression, but within the limitations laid down in these terms and conditions.

g)        The user may not falsify or delete mentions of authorship legal or any other mention of its source of origin or any material contained on any files that the user load on the Website.

h)        User will not prevent or restrict other users access to the means of expression, or disturb or shall limit its use to other users.

( h) User will not prevent or restrict other users access to the means of expression, or disturb or shall limit its use to other users. EMI Equipos y Sistemas reserves the right to disconnect or remove the user from one or all means of expression at any time and for any reason, without which this implies or creates right to any compensation for the user, who acknowledge and agree that their participation in the expression media is at your own risk. EMI Equipos y Sistemas or has any obligation to monitor the means of expression, reserving the right to provide any information on their knowledge, when it is required by the competent authority, as well as may freely edit or place any information on the means of expression in its sole discretion.

User of the Website recognizes that the means of expression are not private and public environments and accordingly any information in transit can be read by other users without prior knowledge, so caution is advised when confidential information is supplied. Similarly, EMI Equipos y Sistemas stated that does not promote nor has control of the content, images or information on the means of expression and consequently will not be responsible for any damages that may arise it to third-party access to the means of expression. Administrators of forums, moderators and hosts of the means of expression are not representatives of EMI Equipos y Sistemas. The user acknowledges that the information, programs, and products presented in the expression media can introduce inaccuracies and typographical errors, while EMI Equipos y Sistemas subject to liability for damages caused to the user for taking any decision based on the information on this page or its links since it is the user's responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and the use of the information available.

Expression media users may download and/or print totally or partially the material of any kind that find expression media only for your personal and non-commercial. Likewise, the user is informed that at the access to the Website gives EMI Equipos y Sistemas a license free of charge, both in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and around the world, including the right to sublicense, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from such information, deploy, publish any information or material, indefinite or idea any, that the user supplied to the expression media by any meansbeing authorized EMI Equipos y Sistemas to use the contributing user name as well as any other information related to the advertising, marketing and promotion of the material supplied by the user, who acknowledges that it not be entitled to claim amount for this concept or claim copyright infringement, when EMI Equipos y Sistemas use this information.


EMI Equipos y Sistemas may, in its sole discretion, cancel or suspend the operation of the Website. Likewise, EMI Equipos y Sistemas may remove any user from your database and prevent access to the Website at any time and without prior notice given to the user when, to his only criterion, consider that it is putting at risk the integrity and security of their systems, its users or third parties or related company.


In case that minors have access to the Website and its services, EMI Equipos y Sistemas boasts that they have done with the due consent of their legal representatives. When EMI Equipos y Sistemas to develop exclusive sections, dedicated to children, will be implemented a procedure of request for the consent of the parent or representative, in order to comply with the regulations in force on the protection of the child and the adolescent.


EMI Equipos y Sistemas reserves the right modify when it considers it appropriate the terms use of the Website. The user undertakes to review the content of these terms of use, as they may be modified without prior notice. Likewise, understands and accepts each of the clauses contained in the present document. Is the entire responsibility of the user to review the above-mentioned terms.

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