EMI equipment and systems, offers to market integrated solutions with the latest technology in Electromechanics, automation, control and power.

To do this we have the engineering and project management and a Department of mechanical design itself, more than 2,000 m 2 plant of metallurgical industry and integration, equipped with computerized equipment and trained personnel to perform field installation processes, ensuring the customer the solution with an efficient and effective work.Our offer is summarized in three areas, namely:

Management> Implementation > Training

Project management

  • Analysis of engineering projects.
  • Integration and automation.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Gathering information.

Project execution plan

  • Programming, direction, organization and control of working methods.
  • Design and development of basic engineering and detail.
  • Engineering and diagnostic of electrical systems in industrial, commercial and residential area.
  • Advice on the design, installation and commissioning of electrical systems through the use of systems of distribution bars.
  • Design 3D and 2D of various electric panels or parts, representation of projects in plans for the manufacture of necessary parts and subsequent Assembly according to the customer's need.
  • Solutions of control for the industrial sector by using programmable controllers, interface man machine and SCADA systems.
  • Review of workshop processes.

Consultancy and training

  • Advisory services on industrial projects.
  • Assessments of safety (man - machine).
  • Evaluation of safety instrumented systems.
  • Load studies.

From basic engineering to operation. Our solutions include without limitation:

  • Substations for use outdoor and indoor
  • Average voltage cells
  • Interconnection between MT cell - transformer - cell primary substation
  • Interconnection among main cell and Side boards.
  • Automatic transfers of medium voltage.
  • Interruptorres control and measuring electric variables in medium and low voltage.
  • Power Factor control manual and/or automatic low voltage
  • With or without ballast of arrmonicos lock
  • Seamlessly integrated with the center of distribution of power (CDP)
  • Motor Control Center
  • Control consoles
  • PLC boards
  • Boards RTU
  • Boards type NLAB
  • Boards Marshalling
  • Boards for instrumentation
  • Reactive compensation boards
  • Manufacture and installation of pipelines of bar
  • Boards type CDP (power distribution center)
  • Boards interposing relays
  • Boards type NAB
  • Boards type NHB
  • Boards type CCB
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